Him is part one of an anthology series about an obsessive young woman who gets entangled in a murder after trying to insert herself into the lives of those she is transfixed by.

The series follows the storylines of two strangers- an aspiring female screenwriter who is at a searing point of her life, and a stranger named Ben whom she develops a furtive fascination with. Throughout PART I: Him, the screenwriter’s worlds begin to collide as the lives of different individuals she crosses paths with intertwine. A murder mystery unfolds before our eyes. The border of her professional life and personal fantasies blurs when she extends an illicit one-night stand.

The anthology series thrives off the execution of the psychological thriller genre, keeping the audience guessing until the very last episode. The story continues in PART II: Why Didn't They Ask Madeleine? and PART lll: Ben. Stay posted on the website for updates.


I’m a filmmaker based in Los Angeles. I live for true crime and cinema in equal measure. Lover of all things coffee, ocean & Mariah Carey.

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